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If you want to experience everything King Tutz has to offer, you’ll need to go Royal. Here are three reasons to join our community of Royal members:

1. Sample .PSD Files for Tutorials

Having a sample Photoshop file makes tutorials much easier to follow. You can:

  • See exactly how layers are set up;
  • Copy styles quickly and easily;
  • Play with settings and layers;
  • And inspect things a little more closely.

With tons of files available for download, your King Tutz Royal Membership will quickly take your Photoshop skills to another level.

“$12/month is a steal for the quality of content available on King Tutz. I use the tutorials to create professional effects for various design projects.” — Josiah Lewis (Apple Store Certified Creative)

2. Exclusive Members-Only Tutorials & Downloads

With your King Tutz Royal membership you’ll get access to special members-only tutorials by industry leading designers. Royal members will also receive exclusive packs of unique Photoshop brushes, and access to our back catalog of Photoshop brushes. We will release a new Royal tutorial or brush pack every calendar week.

Here are just a few of the tutorials immediately available to new Royal members:

  1. Scorching Fire Text (Read Intro)
  2. Tasty Color Wheel (Read Intro)

If you don’t want to miss out on some of the best content on the site, then you’ll need to go Royal!

“I pay—well, my wonderful parents pay—over $500 for my PCgraphics class, and I have learned more in a $12 subscription period of one month here than all year at school.” — Peter Johnson

3. Show Your Love and Contribute to King Tutz Royal

Every month we spend many thousands of dollars on this site, sourcing the best tutorial writers, paying for community contributions, keeping hosting and bandwidth running smoothly and adding new features and improvements all designed to create the best possible user experience.

Our commitment is to provide the best Photoshop site on the web. As a Royal member you’ll be contributing to help make this site even better than it already is.

“This is the cleanest, most professional PSD tutorial website on the net and the small monthly fee is nothing compared to the quality of material here. Keep up the good work.” — mattems

What does it cost?

Royal membership is $12 a month. For less than the cost of a magazine subscription you can get access to all of the following:

  • Access to our archive of .PSD source files showing the final result of our tutorials, just ready to be dug into!
  • Access to .PSD source files for all tutorials we publish while you are a subscriber
  • Weekly Royal-only tutorials by industry leaders
  • Photoshop brushes created exclusively for Royal members

“$12 is cheap for what you give me.” — Mauri

Worth $12? We think so.

guaranteeAnd that’s why if you’re not satisfied, you can get your money back, in full. It’s our 100% money back guarantee. Just follow these instructions and we’ll give you a full refund.

Remember, your King Tutz Royal membership also grants you access to all King Tutz Sites. That’s two subscriptions for the fee of one.

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